When starting with raw land, I go and spend time there.
Watching, listening, envisioning how the home will dwell in that specific location.

I believe the place of your home is every bit as important as the structure. So I never design a home prior to knowing where it is going to “live.” I walk the land, learn its nuances, and make sure it is someplace truly perfect. Then, we design and build according to the land – letting it dictate the details so that it sits beautifully in its setting and feels as if it were always meant to be there. A hilly terrain means we create a home with incredible multi-levels. Sweeping views mandate precisely where windows will be. It is organic and intuitive. Sometimes I search for extraordinary places on which to build new homes. Other times, a client comes to me with land that is already chosen and I build the most stunning home to complement it. Either way- the home is born to that specific place.

I specialize in creating exceptional homes in the Colorado’s Vail Valley and in the city of Denver.