I envision what it would feel like to live in the homes I am creating – carefully weighing every detail as if this home was going to be my own.

As a businesswoman, I certainly understand the importance of the bottom line and I am tenacious about staying on time and on budget. But unlike most developers, profit isn’t what drives my decisions. My philosophy is to focus first and foremost on the home – building the most beautiful nest I can for the potential buyer. That means contemplating (and re-contemplating) every detail and envisioning how each decision will look, feel and “live” far into the future. Will it be a haven for the owners? A beautiful gem tucked into its environment? Will the smallest extras make them smile each time they walk into a room? My philosophy is that the home should “give back” to the people who live there and to the nature that surrounds it. Whether I am building a new home, renovating an existing one, or helping a client choose the right furniture and design pieces, my philosophy – and my enthusiasm – never waiver.