“My philanthropic endeavors are every bit as important to me as my design and home building business. It is a critical part of who I am and these passions actually help to fuel my enthusiasm for all parts of my life – bringing more energy, insight, inspiration and empathy to my career at every turn.

To create the most impact for causes I care deeply about, I don’t ever want to simply write checks and walk away. I am dedicated to also investing my time, ideas, energy and leadership where it is most needed, and working hard as a mentor so that I can pass the torch on to new leaders who will continue the progress and create impact for years to come.” – Amanda Precout

Some of Amanda’s most recent and treasured projects include:

Girl PowHER

Amanda was the visionary and founder of this unique non-profit program in the Vail Valley. As part of the Vail Valley Foundation’s Youth Power 365, Girl PowHER’s mission is “To empower young women mentally, emotionally and physically, to prevent high school drop-outs and ensure each girl reaches her full potential in life.”

Amanda explains that she originally wanted to create a program that helped at-risk girls build self-esteem through yoga and sports. Together with the Vail Valley Foundation’s Youth Power 365 she gave the seed money for her idea and also gave her time and shared her love of being active. The program started with 20 girls learning yoga, and expanded to 15 more girls who formed a mountain bike team that competed in bike races throughout the state.

Today, the program includes over 100 young women per year participating in yoga, mindfulness, art, sports, scholastics, homework help, and an ongoing mentoring program. Girl PowHER has reached nearly 400 girls in the past five years.

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Habitat for Humanity

Amanda started the International program for Habitat for Humanity of Eagle and Lake County more than seven years ago. The goal of this program is to take volunteers out of their ordinary lives and expose them to volunteerism on a very intense level with the intention of cultivating a life-long commitment to giving back to their community at home. All while also having fun traveling the world. Amanda helped lead local volunteers on these life-changing trips and also helped to recruit people and grow donations in Eagle and Lake County. She has been a group leader and /or coordinated trips to Paraguay and Nepal as well as Africa, Cambodia and El Salvador. For the past six years, Amanda has been on Habitat for Humanity’s Board of Directors, and currently serves as Vice President of the organization’s Executive Committee.

Denver Art Museum

When Amanda found out that the Denver Art Museum had an amazing collection of furniture sitting in storage, she knew she had to find a way to help them share it with the world. Watch for more information about the Amanda J. Precourt Design and Architecture Gallery at the Denver Art Museum coming soon.

Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Depression Center

Amanda is currently on the board of Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Foundation and is working on a groundbreaking project that will forever change the landscape of mental wellness care in Colorado. Watch for more information in late 2016.

Amanda is also involved with and supports the following organizations:

Children’s Hospital Colorado
Denver Dumb Friends League
First Descents
Museum of Contemporary Art Denver
Stanford University
Walking Mountain Science Center
Vail Valley Foundation