Lake Creek

Edwards, Colorado

When Amanda from AJP Realty & Design first visited this beautiful piece of land, a pine tree had fallen near the river and she noticed that nine new pine trees had grown up from it. Thus the name for this coveted spot just on the outskirts of Edwards, Colorado. Every detail in this expansive home was chosen to make it a true oasis from the city. Indoor and outdoor living blend and every room maximizes the views and the gentle sounds of the river. The original foundation was preserved so that the new home could be grandfathered in to county regulations and remain close to the river – making it even more of a mountain treasure.

This home is Gold LEED Certified, which means every material used in the home’s construction had to be sourced from within 500 miles. Recycled snow fencing from Wyoming and cedar siding make up the exterior, the ruggedly beautiful stone came from the Colorado and Wyoming border, and inside there is use of recycled materials including sea glass, concrete and tile. Antique doors from Indonesia, Portugal, and Morocco are used in unexpected places and add an international, eclectic feel to the home. Learn more about this home’s environmental beauty and creativity here>

AJP Realty and Design also did all the interior design for this home including all furnishings and art purchases.

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