AJP Team

Amanda Precourt

Amanda Precourt is the visionary, the energy, and the glue of the team. Her passion is unparalleled. Her dedication to excellence unmatched. And her heart is every bit as big as her design ideas. Read more about her here >

Claes Holm

One of the best things about creating your dream home through AJP Realty & Design is the relationship our team has with each other. Amanda has partnered with exceptional builder Claes Holm for all of her projects, creating a seamless working relationship between vision and execution and eliminating any chance of things falling through the cracks or taking an undue amount of time during the process.

Claes’ attention to detail and love of beautiful homes mirrors the rest of the team and he brings an incredible eye for style to match his precision and craftsmanship in construction.

Claes was born in Sweden and is originally from Stockholm where he first worked with his father who is an accomplished and recognized builder. “I learned the craft from my father,” Claes explained. “But my mother was an interior designer and she is who exposed me to design, light and the nuances of artistic living.”

Claes moved to the US in 1989 and began has own company in the Vail Valley building and remodeling residential homes.

“Working with AJP Realty and Design allows our whole team to bring our unique skills and knowledge to the table,” Claes said. “It is up to me to bring Amanda’s concepts and vision and Paven’s expertise to reality. Together, we create homes that are truly unique and always noticeable.”

Pavan Krueger


Pavan received her bachelor’s degree in Japanese Studies and Journalism from Macalester College in Minnesota, then earned her Master of Architecture degree at the University of New Mexico. Plentiful work and a mountain landscape to draw from brought Pavan to Vail and eventually to her partnership with Amanda at AJP.

Pavan first worked at Morter Architects with esteemed architect Jim Morter from 1997 to 2008, where she honed her craft and focused on custom residential design. She has been Project Manager and Project Architect on several multi- million dollar residential projects in the Vail Valley, Utah, Wyoming and the Bahamas and her work has been featured in Architectural Digest.

Since 2008, Pavan has run her own architecture firm, focusing on residential architecture of all scales. Amanda partners with Pavan exclusively for all AJP projects as the two align on vision, dedication to exceptional style, love of the environment and an understanding and appreciation for fine art.

“Working with Amanda, I am drawn to her integrity and collaborative nature,” Pavan said. “We have a respect for each others’ opinions and we value what each brings to the table. Every project is truly a team effort and the results show that.”

Both are also committed to finding ways to build and design sustainably. Working together, the first home they built was Gold LEED Certified.

“We start with an understanding of everything from wind patterns to light to how our home will impact the environment and how we can best use natural elements,” Pavan explained. “We both care so much about how a home works in its space, how it feels to the people who live there, and what it adds to the environment around it.”