About Amanda

AmandaPrecourt_aboutJust as her business is a unique and multi-layered mix of talents and disciplines, Amanda herself is multi-faceted and always evolving into her next exciting chapter. Independent, strong-willed, and empathic to a fault, she has crafted her business on a  mix of her love for beautiful design, purposeful dwellings and respect for the environment coupled with her dedication to helping others and her community.

Born into a dynamic family who introduced her to a love of aesthetics, international travel and local and global issues, she says that at a very young age she learned that she needed to find her way in the world and be independent in her decisions.

She traveled the globe, gleaning both life lessons and design and architectural insights from some of the most stunning locales in the world. She has traveled extensively to Africa and Asia, South and Central America, and Europe. She lived in Spain and continues to do volunteer work in third-world countries.

“Seeing the world in a different way is crucial to who I am as a person and the business I have created,” Amanda says. “I never want to be pigeon-holed or narrow minded. I want to remain open to possibilities, in life and in my career, and I want that to influence what I help to create for my clients. By being fluid and open to change, I can constantly re-envision a project and be nimble about going in new directions or evolving the design to make the end product even more spectacular.”



After a stint at a prestigious boarding school in New Hampshire, Amanda missed her hometown of Denver, Colorado and the diversity and energy of her large public high school. She graduated from East High School in Denver and went on to graduate from Stanford University. Upon graduation she worked in the booming Internet industry with positions in brand management and marketing, creating online brands for some of the biggest names in the business.

After the tragedy of 9/11, she chose to quit her job and spend two years working in the non-profit sector, cementing her commitment to giving back as part of whatever she did in the future. She renewed her love of remodeling and interior design and decided to follow these life-long passions in earnest. She went back to graduate school at the University of Denver and received her Masters in Real Estate and Construction Management from the Franklin Burns School of Real Estate and Construction at DU’s Daniels College of Business. She earned her Series 7 and Series 63 Broker’s Licenses and her Real Estate License.


While her academics took her on a business route, her heart has also always been that of an artist. Amanda started drawing as a young girl and had her work showcased across the country. She has always taken fine art classes and has become a skilled and respected art collector.


“I was raised with a deep commitment to giving back.” Amanda explains. “My nature has always been to be generous, nurture, and find unique ways to help others. I have been through some tough times and I know how challenging life can be. I am absolutely committed to making philanthropy and community activism an integral part of all that I do. I have spent a lot of time in third-world countries through my international work with Habitat for Humanity and it really made me see the importance of home. From a simple hut to an extravagant house, your space is important to your ability to thrive. I never forget this as I design.”